The Official Site for the Class Reunion of Students in 1968/Form 1 through 1973/Form 6
Well, there we have it. Been and gone already! And what a night it was...

Celebrity Spot
Saturday March 24, 2001
at Windy Hill

Celebrity Spot
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1968 - FORM 1: 1B 1C 1G 1H 1M (thumbnails)
1969 - FORM 2: 2B 2G 2H 2M (thumbnails)
1970 - FORM 3: 3A 3B 3C 3E 3F 3G (thumbnails)
1971 - FORM 4: 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E (thumbnails)
1972 - FORM 5: 5B 5D 5E 5F (thumbnails)
1973 - FORM 6: Eng1 Eng2 Eng3 Eng4 (thumbnails)
If anyone has other class photos or wants to provide names for the photos already here,
please contact Phil Douglas.